Musical Bingo presents: Silent Disco Trail

Musical Bingo presents: Silent Disco Trail

Embark on a bingo infused musical journey through the City of London, where famous sites meet melodies, and landmarks become stages for your musical adventure.

Simply pop your headphones on, mark off the songs on the sheet hanging on your lanyard, and have a dance!

Starting and ending at Dabbers Social Bingo our marvellous host will guide you through Musical Bingo as well as take you on an exciting exploration of the City of London. Undoubtedly there’ll be plenty of mayhem, gags and debauchery on the way…and of course prizes!

Upon your return to Dabbers Social Bingo you’ll be spoilt with a complimentary cocktail to celebrate your adventure.

This event will be occurring every Saturday.



12PM – 1PM


2PM – 3PM

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