2022 marks 15 years of Musical Bingo

Can you Adam and Eve it this year marks 15 glorious years of Musical Bingo! From Glastonbury Stages to private yachts with Sheikhs it truly has been one hell of a ride. To mark this ultra special occasion the entire nation will be granted an extra days bank holi…. JOKE! 😅

No but in all seriousness we will be milking it dry starting with a warm-up-party on the 30th June followed by the main event on the 21st July and in true Musical Bingo fashion we’ll be pulling out all the stops to make it one hell of a party!.. Not only that but we will be at a brand new spanking venue… the modern Summer classic that is Between the Bridges!

On the night we’ll be playing two classic rounds of Musical Bingo as well as a brand spanking new best of round… we’ll also be providing lots of treats and surprises along the way. So if you’ve ever danced on a table with us, helped us to crowd surf or taken home one of our infamous slow cookers then we would LOVE to see your face there… and if you’re yet to experience Musical Bingo then what are you waiting for!?

Head to our events page to get your tickets 🙂

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