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Musical Bingo Cribs : The Grand Fundraiser
6th August 2020
Musical Bingo Cribs : The Grand Fundraiser

The Clapham Grand has been open in London for the last 120 year but recently due to the global pandemic, we may see this great venue sadly close its doors for the final time.

However, we at Musical Bingo Cribs have decided to help make a change for this venue and believe saving nightlife throughout the UK is of utmost importance at the present for one night and one night only we would like to introduce to you… Musical Bingo Cribs: The Grand Fundraiser.

We will be bringing an all-star cast to host you the festivities, a wicked superstar DJ, and also some huge prizes to be won throughout the night. All proceeds will be going towards keeping this iconic venue from permanent closure. The Clapham Grand has already raised a huge amount of money and we’d like to do our part to send it over the finish line.


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